100 Baby Challenge

This will be my third attempt at the 100 Baby Challenge. I attempted it a few years ago and made it to 30 kids before the file become corrupted. I would go into the lot and after five minutes the game would freeze. I tried moving the family but didn’t help. Then I tried again a few months ago but by the 5th kid I just wasn’t feeling it so I started over one more time. Let’s hope 3rd time is the charm.

Screenshot-19 (2)

Eve Gutenberg

Nurturing, Neat, Family Oriented, Bookworm, Flirty

Lifetime Wish: Raise 5 Kids to Teen

Table of Contents


Hidden Springs (13 F/12 M)

Sunset Valley (13 F/7 M)

Sunlit Tides (15 F/10 M)

Twinbrook (8 F, 7 M)

Riverview (9 F, 6 M)

* Author Note: The links to their pages (Trigger Broke, Hal Breckinridge, Martin Pepper) on the Sims Wiki show children or teens.  Just wanted to note that while that is how old they are when the game starts they were young adults or older when they became fathers in the challenge.


100 Children
66 Fathers

Singles: 37
Twins: 24 sets (48 children)
Triplets: 5 sets (15 children)

Boys: 42
Girls: 58

Mermaids: 2
Vampires: 3
Fairies: 3
Warwolves: 1
Aliens: 1
Witches/Warlocks: 2
Time Travel Children: 2
– 1 brought back from time machine (Ambitions)
– 1 born in future (Into the Future)

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